5 Uses for Dental Floss

You grew up knowing that you should floss your teeth each day. But did you know there are a lot of other uses for dental floss? Lets look at just a few. Maybe they’ll help you keep floss around and maybe use it between your teeth a little more often.


Number Five: Remove a stuck ring

I have a personal story to tell about this one. Kari and I were on our honeymoon kayaking. Our hands were freezing and as a result my wedding ring fell off, and is now somewhere in the pacific ocean. That’s one way to remove a ring, but floss is another. Just wrap the floss tightly around your finger, just in front of the ring, and slowly unwind it as you twist and slide the ring down your finger. It works. And unless you want hypothermia, it’s not a bad option.


Number Four: Tough Thread

Have you ever been on a trip and for some reason a button falls off your jacket or pants? The hotel may have a sewing kit in the room, but unless you’re just putting a button on a shirt, that thin thread just isn’t up to the job. Dental floss is much stronger and you can wear your jacket or button your fly with confidence. That is until you have time for a permanent (though less minty) fix.


Number Three: Houseplants

There are a lot of options for supporting climbing house plants. Dental floss has a lot going for it. It’s easy to tie to those small sticks. Because its waxed the knot holds nicely. It can also be used to direct a climbing vine to a support that is just out of each until the plant is larger. It’s easy to cut just the right length you need.


Number Two: Clothesline

Do you know how much floss comes in one of those little boxes? There a lot, often 50 to 100 yards. And its strong.  Standard floss makes a great clothesline for shirts and shorts. Its also very easy to tie and because you have so much in such a small package you can use a new piece each time you dry.


Number One: Cutting Food

Think of a cheese slicer, but one that doesn’t just clutter your kitchen drawers. I’m sure you have one of those drawers too filled with single use kitchen tools. Floss can eliminate at least one. Slide the floss under a fresh baked cookie to remove it from the pan, or to slice a pound cake. Dough often needs to be swiftly cut into even shapes to make bread or cinnamon rolls. Soft cheeses often stick to a knife, but not to waxed dental floss. My personal favorite cheese Port Salut is a great example.