Two Ways Dental Implants Fail

I get this question nearly daily, “how long do implants last?”. I like to answer the question by considering the ways implants fail. Implants can fail due to overload or gum disease. Titanium can’t get a cavity, but the supporting gum and bone break down from gum disease. Over the course of the day food… Read more »

Before Your Kid Gets Braces, Consider These Five Factors

This article was written by Christine Brook for I thought she made some good points and l am proud to say that choosing to have your child’s braces done by Dr Kari checks most of those boxes.   When I look back on my pictures from 7th grade, I cringe. Not because my mouth… Read more »

Dental Implants for Terminal Dentition

Missing Teeth

Post-op Care for Dental Implants

Anacortes American: Best of Anacortes 2018

We did it! Thank you Anacortes for voting. We won the Anacortes American Best Dentist for 2018.  

Our 3D Printed Night Guards Just Got Better

  We’ve been 3D printing night guards and dental implant surgical guides in our office for over a year now.  Today, a new resin was released called Dental LT Clear.  We’ve been following the development of this resin closely and are very excited to start using it.   It’s FDA approved (as are all materials we’ve… Read more »

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2 Solutions for Coffee Stained Teeth

Most people want whiter teeth. But so many good foods and beverages stain our teeth. A couple of solutions become clear once we understand how our teeth stain. Teeth are like sponges for calcium. When your mouth is more acidic the calcium is leached out and the teeth are rung out sponges. In this state… Read more »

Spring is Coming

Crocus are one of my favorite heralds of spring. Our garden in general is starting to come alive. What I didn’t know until recently is that the Saffron spice is derived from the Crocus flower. They look nice and goes well with rice!

Sensitive Teeth after a Filling

The expectation after dental work is that the problem has been fixed. However, in some cases a tooth will continue or even increase in discomfort. This is a well-known process in dentistry and has a name: postoperative sensitivity. Lectures and papers have been written on the topic, but unfortunately the problem persists. Here are the… Read more »