Keeping Your Dental Implant Clean

Dental Implants are a reliable and commonplace way to replace a missing tooth. It takes a little more effort than clean a dental implant than your natural teeth. We recommend using a waterpik or a shower flosser. The jet of water from either of these devices will flush food debris out from around you dental… Read more »

Tooth Whitening Options

In this short video Dr Nick describes the options for whitening your teeth, Crest White Strips, custom fit at-home whitening trays, and in-office whitening. He also outlines how he keeps his teeth white without causing sensitivity. This is particularly important as most people who have used whitening products report experiencing some tooth sensitivity. Tooth whitening… Read more »

What to Expect After a Filling

A dental filling rebuilds the contour and restores the function of your teeth. Fillings are usually necessary because of tooth decay or a broken tooth. Usually the dentist will numb the area where your tooth is restored. It is best to wait for the numbing to wear off before chewing or having a meal. Your… Read more »

5 Uses for Dental Floss

You grew up knowing that you should floss your teeth each day. But did you know there are a lot of other uses for dental floss? Lets look at just a few. Maybe they’ll help you keep floss around and maybe use it between your teeth a little more often.   Number Five: Remove a… Read more »

How Does Desensitizing Toothpaste Work?

If you’ve ever bitten into a popsicle or ice cream and had pain shoot through your teeth you understand tooth sensitivity. The questions are why does it happen and how do you stop it from ruining your favorite frozen desert. First the why. Your teeth are made in 3 layers. The enamel, the dentin and… Read more »

Why Mountain Dew is worse for your teeth than Cola

We all know soda is bad for our teeth. But did you know that some sodas are worse for your teeth than others? Chase who does science experiments on his YouTube channel ScienceC wanted to know how bad his Mountain Dew habit was for his teeth. So in classic science fair style he threw a… Read more »

Does your toothpaste contain FDA banned chemicals?

Recently the FDA banned a list of 17 chemicals from hand soaps. One that has been on my radar for awhile now is triclosan. It’s found in many antibacterial soaps, pesticides, and many toothpastes. From what I can find triclosan hasn’t been banned from toothpaste, so you still have to be careful to read the… Read more »


I don’t think I’ve ever seen or smelled a rotten egg. Maybe I’m unique in this, but I and just about everyone else knows exactly what rotten eggs smell like. The pungent sulfur and yuck can be overpowering. Sulfur sources vary from geysers, like in Yellowstone, to bacteria. In our mouths bacteria produce sulfur compounds… Read more »

Why is flossing even a question?

If you’ve ever flossed before you know there is stuff in between your teeth. If you’re like me the evidence is all over your bathroom mirror. There are other factors that affect your likelihood of getting cavities. Diet is the biggest. The bacteria that cause cavities, yes cavities are the result of a bacterial infection,… Read more »

Garlic Breath

Each evening when I leave work I smell the pizza ovens over at Village Pizza pumping out a wonderful and hard to resist aroma. After an Italian meal your breath isn’t nearly as inviting. So, why does garlic smell so bad and stick around long past dinner time? And a even better questions, ‘Is there… Read more »

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