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Anacortes Teachers & Staff

As you may already know insurance changes are starting in January 2020. Dental is one piece of the puzzle. We put together this post because we’ve had so many questions from current and prospective patients. Three Options Willamette Dental Managed Care (you don’t choose your doctor) Nearest location is Bellingham DeltaCare Managed Care (you don’t… Read more »

Guide Biofilm Therapy

Its not just a cleaning anymore! Your doctor may have recommended guided biofilm therapy at your last dental visit. For those with sensitive teeth, tea or coffee stain, but minimal tartar GBT can be the right type of cleaning. For those with sensitive teeth, the joy of clean smooth teeth is tempered by the moderate… Read more »

Comprehensive Exam

We are all about detail. After our new patient exam many patient’s comment on how thorough the exam was. We often hear, “No one has ever shown me pictures of my teeth like that!” Just so you know what to expect I’d like to detail each step of our 60 minute new patient exam. We… Read more »

Pay Online!

We recently setup a payment system with our bank. We hope our patients find it convenient. You don’t need to call us. You can use the gateway anytime, even when we are closed. We know the payment portal is secure it’s also simple. On our Patient’s Page you’ll find a link. You are taken to… Read more »

Two Ways Dental Implants Fail

I get this question nearly daily, “how long do implants last?”. I like to answer the question by considering the ways implants fail. Implants can fail due to overload or gum disease. Titanium can’t get a cavity, but the supporting gum and bone break down from gum disease. Over the course of the day food… Read more »

Post-op Care for Dental Implants

Our 3D Printed Night Guards Just Got Better

  We’ve been 3D printing night guards and dental implant surgical guides in our office for over a year now.  Today, a new resin was released called Dental LT Clear.  We’ve been following the development of this resin closely and are very excited to start using it.   It’s FDA approved (as are all materials we’ve… Read more »

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Spring is Coming

Crocus are one of my favorite heralds of spring. Our garden in general is starting to come alive. What I didn’t know until recently is that the Saffron spice is derived from the Crocus flower. They look nice and goes well with rice!

Rockin’ Partial

Have you noticed sore spots under or a loose feeling to your removable partial? When a partial denture is made it clasps around your teeth and also rests on the gums. Over time the gum areas recede and a gap forms under the partial. With the teeth acting as a fulcrum the partial will often… Read more »

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