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Root Cause

As an avid Netflix binge watcher I was excited to see a dental documentary. Root Cause chronicles one man’s experience of an infected tooth. While I don’t agree with the premise, I really appreciate anything that helps bring the importance of oral health into the spotlight. When I heard about the film I immediately recalled… Read more »

5 Uses for Dental Floss

You grew up knowing that you should floss your teeth each day. But did you know there are a lot of other uses for dental floss? Lets look at just a few. Maybe they’ll help you keep floss around and maybe use it between your teeth a little more often.   Number Five: Remove a… Read more »

Does your toothpaste contain FDA banned chemicals?

Recently the FDA banned a list of 17 chemicals from hand soaps. One that has been on my radar for awhile now is triclosan. It’s found in many antibacterial soaps, pesticides, and many toothpastes. From what I can find triclosan hasn’t been banned from toothpaste, so you still have to be careful to read the… Read more »


I don’t think I’ve ever seen or smelled a rotten egg. Maybe I’m unique in this, but I and just about everyone else knows exactly what rotten eggs smell like. The pungent sulfur and yuck can be overpowering. Sulfur sources vary from geysers, like in Yellowstone, to bacteria. In our mouths bacteria produce sulfur compounds… Read more »

Garlic Breath

Each evening when I leave work I smell the pizza ovens over at Village Pizza pumping out a wonderful and hard to resist aroma. After an Italian meal your breath isn’t nearly as inviting. So, why does garlic smell so bad and stick around long past dinner time? And a even better questions, ‘Is there… Read more »

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