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Best of Anacortes

We want to thank everyone who has voted for our office in the Anacortes American’s pole of the best businesses in Anacortes. If you haven’t had a change click on the ‘vote’ button. Thanks!

How do I use a Waterpik?

Everyday we recommend a Waterpik or Shower Floss to our patients. If you’ve had gum recession or gum disease either type of oral irrigator will help prevent further bone loss. I also recommend oral irrigators for those with implants, bridges, or braces. Oral Irrigator Instructions Fill chamber with water. (Waterpik) Set dial to “low.” Place… Read more »

Flossing could prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently we’ve seen a growing pool of research linking gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. A recent article is particularly interesting because they used both human and mouse models to show oral bacteria in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s disease. If you are interested in the subject of preventing Alzheimer’s Disease I would suggest you… Read more »

Do you Take My Dental Insurance?

We take several calls each day from patients asking if we accept their dental insurance. Here is a list of the insurances we accept and the those we do not. Insurance We Accept: Washington Dental Service Delta Dental Kaiser Permanente Regence Premera Blue Cross / Blue Shield Cigna Aetna Guardian Metlife Tri-Care Sun Financial Guardian… Read more »

Dental Implants for Terminal Dentition

Missing Teeth

Anacortes American: Best of Anacortes 2018

We did it! Thank you Anacortes for voting. We won the Anacortes American Best Dentist for 2018.  

2 Solutions for Coffee Stained Teeth

Most people want whiter teeth. But so many good foods and beverages stain our teeth. A couple of solutions become clear once we understand how our teeth stain. Teeth are like sponges for calcium. When your mouth is more acidic the calcium is leached out and the teeth are rung out sponges. In this state… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth after a Filling

The expectation after dental work is that the problem has been fixed. However, in some cases a tooth will continue or even increase in discomfort. This is a well-known process in dentistry and has a name: postoperative sensitivity. Lectures and papers have been written on the topic, but unfortunately the problem persists. Here are the… Read more »

Keeping Your Dental Implant Clean

Dental Implants are a reliable and commonplace way to replace a missing tooth. It takes a little more effort than clean a dental implant than your natural teeth. We recommend using a waterpik or a shower flosser. The jet of water from either of these devices will flush food debris out from around you dental… Read more »