Guide Biofilm Therapy

Its not just a cleaning anymore! Your doctor may have recommended guided biofilm therapy at your last dental visit. For those with sensitive teeth, tea or coffee stain, but minimal tartar GBT can be the right type of cleaning.

For those with sensitive teeth, the joy of clean smooth teeth is tempered by the moderate discomfort of a cleaning. GBT primarily uses air, water, and polishing powder to gently clean the teeth without metal instruments. We have powder designed for even the more sensitive teeth and dental implants.

Cleaning tea or coffee stain from the teeth used to be similar to clearing the entire screen on an etch-a-sketch. A laborious job and very difficult job. With GBT however, removing stain deposit from the teeth is much more efficient meaning less time in the chair and whiter brighter teeth.

Plaque is the food debris, bacteria, and mucus from your saliva. Gross right? GBT does a great job removing this cavity causing plaque from the teeth. Tartar is plaque that has been calcified onto the teeth. Tartar will still need to be removed with traditional ultrasonic and hand instruments. Using the combination of instruments and techniques we can get the cleanest brightest smile possible.