Keeping Your Dental Implant Clean

Dental Implants are a reliable and commonplace way to replace a missing tooth. It takes a little more effort than clean a dental implant than your natural teeth. We recommend using a waterpik or a shower flosser. The jet of water from either of these devices will flush food debris out from around you dental implant. You can purchase waterpiks from Walgreens or Costco. I’ve only been able to find shower flossers on Amazon where they are called H2Oral Irrigator.

Dental implants don’t get cavities. However, dental implants can get gum disease around them. This is called peri-implantitis and is the leading cause of implant loss, just as gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Both are preventable. With good daily hygiene and twice yearly trips to see the hygienist we can keep your teeth and implants healthy and working for a life time.