A toothbrush bristle or floss can only reach about 3mm below the level of the gum. So, when we measure your gums it’s like golf at a par 3 course, where smaller numbers are better and anything 4 or greater is a bogy. The last time your had your gums checked you may have heard a few numbers greater than 4. These will only get deeper and harder to clean without treatment. This is because more destructive types of bacteria hide under the gum where you can’t reach them with floss or a toothbrush even an electric toothbrush. So, we often recommend Gum Infection Therapy. We know there is an infection in your gums because of the bleeding and the areas we found that you can’t clean at home. Gum Infection Therapy basically cleans and smooths the surface of your teeth. Think of it like waxing your golf cart. After waxing the water beads up and it stays clean for longer and it’s easier to wash next time. Also, bacteria that cause bone loss and bad breath have a harder time sticking to your smooth shiny white teeth. Without the infection causing bacteria your bogies will turn into pars and birdies!