Why is flossing even a question?

If you’ve ever flossed before you know there is stuff in between your teeth. If you’re like me the evidence is all over your bathroom mirror.

There are other factors that affect your likelihood of getting cavities. Diet is the biggest. The bacteria that cause cavities, yes cavities are the result of a bacterial infection, eat the same carbohydrates that we do. The reason we floss is to help remove the food residue from between our teeth. If we don’t the bacteria that live in our mouth convert those carbohydrates into acid that etches away our enamel. Alternatively you could choose to never eat carbs again. I mean no carbs. Meat only. Following this plan you would probably have a lower cavity risk. Not none, because those bacteria still exist, you just aren’t giving them extra ammunition against your teeth. As a vegetarian, I obviously don’t recommend a meat only diet. I do recommend flossing and eating lots of fresh veggies. Vegetables are high in fiber which helps to keep your teeth clean.

So your grandma is still right today. Floss and eat your vegetables and you’ll be healthier for it.