Why Mountain Dew is worse for your teeth than Cola

We all know soda is bad for our teeth. But did you know that some sodas are worse for your teeth than others? Chase who does science experiments on his YouTube channel ScienceC wanted to know how bad his Mountain Dew habit was for his teeth. So in classic science fair style he threw a couple of his sister’s molars in soda for 3 weeks.


You can get all the details on his video, but here is a synopsis. Cola is 6 times more acidic than Mountain Dew. However, Mountain Dew contains a different type of acid that is more difficult for the saliva in your mouth to buffer so it makes your mouth acidic for a longer time and is more damaging to your teeth. Both Mountain Dew and the Cola were harmful to the teeth. But, he found that Mountain Dew dissolved away twice as much tooth as the Cola did.
So if you’re craving a fizzy drink do your teeth a favor and pick up a sparking water. It’s still acidic, but not as bad as soda.